There is a saying that driving is an experience one learns every time something new, every day. Those who think that they know driving must revisit their though process. There are so many different cars in this world which requires specific set of skills irrespective of a person’s skill about anything these cars requires extra handling, vigilance and alert mode in order to understand the dynamics of a car.

But this is something totally different that people need another separate license for some car. This car is known as ‘the limousine’ amazingly this is an unknown fact which most of us are unaware of. Limousine is a car which requires extra care and skills for driving hence there is a separate license for limousine. Anybody who wants to get this license has to get a normal license first and then drives for some time normally then applies especially for a separate license for limousine. The overall structure of a limousine is different from any other car because it’s abnormally tall in structure and it takes extra effort and skill set to understand the turning diameter of this car, one just cannot turn the limousine instantly it takes a lot of judgment and driving skills to understand the situation maintain the distance from surroundings and then turn accordingly.

Usually people avoid buying full size tall limousine (it has two versions one is shorter than the normal full size limo) one more thing, those who are unaware of this term LIMO is the short form of limousine. Usually we have seen in the movies that gangsters possess this car and there are separate drivers for this car, as not anybody can drive this car with perfection. In order make sure that the license holder is doing a good job they take tests and regular updates regarding the driving skills are taken accordingly. Limousine is something terrific as a car but, really hard thing to handle on the road. For those who are unaware of this fact a limousine is 1969mm in width which means 77.5 inches and 1619mm in height (tall) which is approx. 64 inches with overall ground clearance of 7 inches. Makes it even more difficult for the driver to understand the circular dimensions and circumference of this car. It is actually an art to understand that limousine can accommodate 8 to 18 people at a time, which makes it totally a different car type hence the different skill set and driving skills are required. License is permission and one must not ignore it, this has been an issue in some country that permission is not taken as important.

Limousine License Is Something Unique

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